We Now Interrupt…

Photo by American Public Power Association on Unsplash

As I write this, a tropical storm in the Gulf of Mexico is headed this way. The current forecast has it coming ashore east of New Orleans, sometime in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, September 5. Being on the west side of the storm center usually means we’ll see high winds, but not as much rain.

Having been through this rodeo a few times, I’m prepared to be without power on Wednesday morning. I plan to type in a quick update and post this using my cell phone, if necessary.

It’s a pity, because I attended a great writer’s conference this past weekend, and scheduled a post that would cover all the high points. There’s nothing stopping me from featuring it next week, of course. So that’s what I’ll plan to do.

Adaptability is a virtue any time of year, but especially during the height of hurricane season.

Stay safe, everyone!

Update as of 5:30 am CDT: The center of the storm came ashore last night around Pascagoula, near the Mississippi-Alabama border. It’s due to bring rain and winds to the midwest, through this weekend. New Orleans remained outside the path of the storm’s effects. I’m currently in my house, with power. It’s 75 degrees outside, the wind is at 3 MPH.


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