Free* Book Offer!

*Free, in exchange for an honest review. Think we’ve all been around long enough to know nothing is ever free 🙂

The Incident Under the Overpass relaunched last month, and I’m eager to know how it’s being received. While I’m thrilled at the five-star review it has on Amazon, reviews are one of those things where quantity is favored over quality (at least by the algorithms that seem to run all things in our digital age).

So I thought I’d reach out to my WordPress friends. If The Incident Under the Overpass sounds like something you might like to read (see synopsis below), I’d be happy to send you a digital review copy. In exchange, I ask that you post your honest review to both Amazon and Goodreads.

If you’re game, just click this link to fill out the Google form: ARC Request

…and I’ll get back to you in short order with a digital copy. Thanks for playing!


When Lacey Becnel awakens under an overpass near her home in New Orleans, she does not yet realize that she’s undergone a profound metamorphosis. Nathan, the dangerously attractive man she discovers at her side, provokes as many questions as answers. As Lacey learns of her emergent abilities, she also finds that nothing will protect her from her growing attraction to Nathan, or his perilous fate.




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