29 Hours in Chicago, Part 1

My advance apologies, if this comes off as a rant. That’s why I have every intention of keeping it short.

In the week that’s passed since I made my last post here, I’ve flown to Chicago on a 6:30 am flight, assisted in a trade show promotion there, flown back the next day at 1:30 pm, sat through two full days of meetings at my pay-the-bills job (that was before Chicago), and saw Radiohead live in concert in New Orleans. (I have friends that travel a LOT for work, and I can see them rolling their eyes at this schedule: light by comparison. But I’m just not wired for that much social/business interaction—the meetings and trade show. That zaps me more than the travel does).

I had counted on being pretty exhausted at the end of all that. But I didn’t count on the dishwasher backing up and leaking all over the kitchen, and having to deal with some upcoming project stressors at my pay-the-bills job. And I’m behind in writing Lacey’s second story (which I had counted on but it’s still stressing me out). And finally, while watching Radiohead, I remembered that listening to them almost always makes me blue.

So right now, I’m not just exhausted, I’m burnt out and pretty out of sorts, to tell the truth.

My plan had been to write about my first return to Chicago since my momentous visit last November, right after the Cubs had won the World Series. And ruminate about what it’s like to check “seeing Radiohead in concert” off my bucket list. (My concert bucket list is not long, so this was an opportunity I kinda had to seize).

And I still will. But I’m going to do myself (and you patient readers) a favor and take a little time to get back into sorts. So, next week, a much more positive spin on my busy week that included 29 hours in Chicago.

End rant.

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