City Park Pictorial, Part 2: Gander Point

The City Park Fishing Pier, featured here last week, is visible from the roadway. During my recent meanderings, I discovered another, smaller, fishing pier tucked away and not visible from Marconi Drive. Gander Point was built just last autumn, a collaborative project between City Park and Tulane’s School of Architecture.

This is from Tulane’s website: “Park administrators asked the Small Center (the name of Tulane’s school) team to design an intervention between Magnolia Drive and one of the park’s lagoons to provide access to the waterfront, engage nearby users of soccer fields and playgrounds, and generally serve the public as they visit and enjoy the park.”

An editorial note: Marconi Drive is the main thoroughfare; Magnolia Drive is one of the small roads that wanders through City Park. Many an uninitiated driver have gotten lost trying to find or navigate those roads.

I returned to Gander Point on Sunday, to get some sunrise photos. (The sun was already well risen when I found it the first time.) I didn’t see any gander, but I did see two female mallards, just hanging out on the approach to the pier. I wondered if they were waiting for the gander to show up.

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